Hey Facebook Group users, you can now schedule posts! And that’s a good thing. Scheduling a post allows you to plan out some of your content in advance so you can keep the content flowing even when you’re too busy to do it manually. This post gives you the instructions you need to start scheduling posts today!

When to Schedule Your Posts

I published a post earlier about the best times to post content on your Facebook page (and your other social media accounts). I know I got some side eye when I suggested posting 3-10 times a week on Facebook. And while for a social media wiz, that may be nothing but for most working alumni chapter leaders that’s a lot. Scheduling has been around for awhile for groups using a Facebook Business page. Well, now with the Schedule Post feature in your Groups page can have a steady stream of planned and “spontaneous” content to keep your alumni engaged! Make sure you check my prior posts on the kinds of content to share to give you some ideas about the kinds of things to post and where to find it.

How to Schedule a Facebook Groups Post

Schedulea Facebook Group Post from SUSAN MOORE on Vimeo.

And Now The Step-By-Step Instructions






Happy scheduling!


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