How the University’s Alumni Office Can Help Chapter Leaders

Being an alumni chapter leader can be an incredibly rewarding opportunity but it can be a lot of work. Most universities have staff in their alumni offices who are dedicated to helping chapter leaders manage the load. Here are some ways that you can enlist the help of your university's alumni chapter resources. Chapter Support … Continue reading How the University’s Alumni Office Can Help Chapter Leaders


Starting a New Alumni Chapter

So you've been thinking about getting involved with your university's local alumni chapter and you've discovered there currently isn't one. Well, YOU, yes you, could be the spark that lights that fire locally. But, wait, is that a lot of work? What do would you need to do? Who do you talk to? So. Many. … Continue reading Starting a New Alumni Chapter

Types of Alumni Chapter Committees

Are you setting up a new alumni chapter and need some ideas about the kinds of committees to start? This post will give you lots of ideas, how each works and why each is important. It's not important that your board have a representative for each area. Each local chapter will have its own personality and not every area will be of interest but if you need a starting point for your conversation, look no further than this post for some great ideas!

Alumni Chapter Calendars: Plan Your Chapter’s Events

The key to engagement is giving your alumni reasons to get together. Your event calendar will be an important part of what your board or group of volunteers will do to get alumni together. In this post we'll look at ways to get a calendar started and how to keep it organized and effective throughout the year.