Growing Attendance At Your Alumni Club Game Watches

Holding game watches around your school’s sports team can be a great way to meet alumni in informal, fun settings. It’s usually not too difficult to get a good following at your game watches if your school is nationally known for one its teams. However if you’re a small school or in the same state as your school, you can face some challenges in growing your attendance. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can get a strong showing at your club’s game watches.

Selecting Your Alumni Club Game Watch Venue

College football season is nearly upon and many alumni clubs around the country are preparing for their college team’s game watches. If your club likes to get together for games, you may already have game watch location picked and ready to go. But if you are still looking for that perfect spot, you may already know that it can be challenging to find one. Never fear! I’ve recently talked with a group of fellow alumni club leaders and they passed along some great tips I’d like to share with you.¬†

#AlumniSpacesHack: Categorize Your Events For Easy Reference

Our alumni club repeats some of our popular events each year. We also like to share updates about our events to our university and at our annual alumni dinner. In both of these scenarios we found that we had to do a lot of paging through our activities to find what we were looking for. We use Alumni Spaces as our club website and we recently figured out an easy hack that allowed us to create and assign categories to our events so we can easily search for and filter them.

Handling Your Club’s Media Inquiries

If you’re a club leader, you may from time to time be contacted by the media for comments on university issues. It’s not as easy as just sharing your thoughts because they might be in conflict with your university’s position. So how do you handle this? Here are my thoughts based on what happened to our club.