Track Your Chapter’s Social Media Success

You've put a lot of hard work into posting to your social media accounts. How do you know if it's paying off? Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have tools you can use to do just that.  Learn more about those tools and what categories of metrics will help you determine your chapter's social media success.


Promote Your Alumni Chapter’s Events by Boosting Facebook Posts

It's almost football season and if you're like many alumni clubs around the country, that means game watches. Your social media platforms can be instrumental in getting the word out about your upcoming events. Facebook gives you several ways that you can promote those events if you have a little bit of a budget. This … Continue reading Promote Your Alumni Chapter’s Events by Boosting Facebook Posts

How to Create Polls and Surveys for Your Alumni Chapter

As an alumni chapter leader, we'd always like to know what's on the minds of our alumni. What kind of events they'd like to see, how they would like to be engaged with the University's mission and so on. Since it isn't possible to speak with everyone, surveys and polls can be useful tools to get this information.

Growing Attendance At Your Alumni Club Game Watches

Holding game watches around your school's sports team can be a great way to meet alumni in informal, fun settings. It's usually not too difficult to get a good following at your game watches if your school is nationally known for one its teams. However if you're a small school or in the same state as your school, you can face some challenges in growing your attendance. Let's take a look at some ways that you can get a strong showing at your club's game watches.

Tips For Posting To Your Alumni Club’s Social Media (Part 1)

Like most alumni club leaders, you want to get maximum benefit any time you communicate with your alumni. But when you have a Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram account, LinkedIn page and so on, WHEN do you find time to update them all? I've got a few tricks up my sleeve I'd like to share with you to make posting to all these social media accounts a little less time consuming.

#FacebookHack: Add an Email List Sign Up Form to Your Facebook Group Page

If you use Facebook Group for your club's social media channel then you may know that you don't have some of the bells and whistles that Facebook's Pages functionality has like allowing you to create a call to action button. Never fear! You can make your email sign up form available on your page.